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About SIMPower Technology Inc.

Established in 2011, SIMPower Technology Inc. is an R&D-oriented company capable of designing desktop microcomputers, laptop computers, mobile devices, and devices for network and peripheral devices. The company consists of research groups specializing in structural design, digital signals, system integration, and power supply etc.

In addition to possessing critical technologies, SIMPower has been able of moving forward with the latest world market demands. With the company's forward-looking vision, SIMPower successfully developed 3.5-inch hard disk controller which does not require an external power supply and a whole series of composite power hubs. The company's products are marketed with the "ProFree" brand name. SIMPower's innovative products and professional service win worldwide acclaim.

In order to satisfy the requirements of customers, SIMPower has been operating in strategic alliance with well-known contract manufacturers. SIMPower focuses on innovation and R&D, while those large contract manufacturers center on production. Product delivery is achieved through integrated resources to offer full-aspect service. The company is committed to offering reliable quality and full-range mobile office products to customers worldwide.

SIMPower embraces a corporate culture that places customer's interest its first priority. The corporate culture pays equal attention to quality and full-aspect management. The core corporate spirit is to provide speedy delivery, advanced technology, competitive pricing, top quality, and satisfying service so that both our customers and suppliers can grow satisfactorily, long-term partnerships can be established for win-win alliance. The vision of SIMPower is to become the world's largest system integrator of power supply and 4C peripheral products.

  • Customer first
    is our core value
    We are committed to provide the best quality, fastest delivery, and the lowest cost to our customers -- our operation guideline.
  • Maximizing profit and environment-friendliness are our management philosophy
    Management philosophy is derived from interacting with customers, shareholders, employees, the management, and those who share the common interest with our company. We are committed to innovation in order to strengthen our competitiveness.
  • Striving for sustaining growth and operation
    By satisfying customer's needs with the best products, we believe our company will have sustaining growth and maximized profit with the support of all employees and shareholders.