The Story of the Brand

The "SIMPower" brand name is significant in three aspects:

Simple Charging
Powerful Connection
Green Environment

Over a long period of time, laptop computers have been designed with powerful functions and long battery life. However, higher performance calls for more input/output ports. Because of the limitations associated with the ports, reducing the thickness of laptop computers has been difficult. Most of today's end users simply do not accept thick laptop computers. As a result, manufacturers of laptop computers have been scrambling for introducing new models with standard USB Type C port which could make the new models ultra thin. But such laptop computers are designed with no input/output ports with which the end users are familiar. Under such circumstances, the end users need to use the hubs designed by SIMPower to satisfy their operation habits.

The first objective of SIMPower is to allow users to feel the feature of "Simple Charging" which enables users to charge 3C products anytime and everywhere -- a function instrumental for mobile office.

The second objective of SIMPower is to achieve the convenience of "Powerful Connection" which provides connection to peripheral devices while data transfer and the supply of power is on-going. On SIMPower products, a user can easily find his/her required input/output ports which provide connection to a laptop for data transfer.

The third objective of SIMPower is to enable a user to feel "Green Environment" -- our contribution to environmental protection. Most current peripheral devices need separate power supply. SIMPower products are helpful for reducing the number of power supplies substantially. Even when a user replaces a laptop with another laptop, there is no need for replacing a SIMPower product. This not only allows a user to save cost, but also make a contribution to environmental protection.