Hyport Series
Hyport = Hybrid Port

Hyport series has the following features:

  • hyport can replace the adapters of the major brands laptops:Hyport can charge major brands notebooks, which support type-c power delivery via the Type-c connector.
  • USB3.1 type A signal amplification function:Hyport supports one to multiple 3C Peripherals transmit data to a notebook. via the type-A connectors.
  • USB charging function:Hyport provides one to multiple electronic devices for charging. ( such as power bank, tablet and cell phone)via the type-A conncetors.
  • HDMI screen amplification feature:Whether phones or laptops which support Displayport can mirror cast the videos or pictures on TV or projectors. The feature turns your living room into a movie theater.
  • Five kinds of protection, ensure your safety under any circumstances.

Five protections, to set your mind at ease

People worry that when overloaded electricity, there will be leakage, short circuit or even the risk of fire. Hyport built-in independent high-precision current limiting IC, housing with high-grade V0 fireproof material, 750℃ high temperature flame retardant , to ensure that each USB interface is within the safe operating current range.

Prevent over-voltage, input over-current , output over-current, short circuit, over temperature, anti-electromagnetic, anti-static, etc. safe and secure use. Also, it will not interfere to other appliances as it is an EMI protection.
  • Over-voltage
  • Input over-current
  • Output over-current
  • Short circuit
  • Over temperature